Are you ready to get crystal clear and energised about your intentions for 2021?

Do you find it hard to set goals and make plans when you don’t really know how you want to feel, or what you want this coming year to hold for you?

Do you KNOW you want 2021 to be ‘your year’... especially after the chaos of 2020 but haven’t yet figured out what that means, or how you’re going to make it happen?

There’s a little-known secret that most people don’t realise about reaching your goals and having an amazing year…

… The journey actually starts the year before!

Yep, highly successful people always start planning for the NEW YEAR at the end of the last one. 

Of course, for us “feeling”, intuitive, empath people, this can sometimes be tricky. The end of the year is often crazy busy, we’re still wrapping up projects and trying to finish things off… how are we supposed to clear our minds and tune into what we actually want for the year ahead?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been doing my yearly planning in November and December. It’s often a calm (ish) time, before the craziness of Christmas and school holidays hits.

It also means I’ve got enough weeks left of the year to lay any groundwork that needs to be laid so that I can hit the ground running in January. (You know that feeling of walking on a moving sidewalk in an airport? THAT’S how we want to feel come the new year.)

I got so much pleasure and fulfillment from my yearly end of year planning ritual (not to mention experienced so much professional success) that over the last few years I shared my unique process with other women in a series of workshops across Australia. These intimate one-day events met with a raving reception and rave reviews (with so many of the women making serious headway on their goals). The feedback that came in and that lit up my social feeds, had my international friends raising their hands and speaking their truth: “We want to plan an epic year too! How can we get our hands on your system? Will you please offer an online version?”

And the answer is yes! Let me introduce you to Your Soulful Year ONLINE!

Do you want to *feel* into the energetic blueprint of 2021, guided by a coach meets astrology-soul-&-energy-medicine practitioner?

Join me for ‘Your Soulful Year ONLINE’, a guided transformational self-study workshop.

Why learn from me?

My name is Kathryn Hocking and I am the creator of over 8 online programs and products including the e-Course Launch Formula. I have generated over 1 million dollars in online revenue and mentored over 1,000 entrepreneurs in the last eight years.

I bring strategy AND soul to the table as a practicing Astrologer and Soul and Energy Medicine Practitioner specialising in intuition and vibrational medicine including essential oils, crystals, oracle cards and flower essences.

I believe that before we sit down and do all.the.plans for our year ahead we need to tune in to the energetic blueprint and how we want to FEEL instead of what we want to DO.

Over time I've learnt that our energetic system responds to putting ourselves out there, to being seen, to taking up space. And my desire for you is that you approach your year in a way that is aligned with what your energetic system most desires and that is aligned with your soul path so that you can embrace the new year in a state of pure flow rather than shutting down in nervous tension.

Does this sound like something you want to know more about? Then read on...

What is 'Your Soulful Year' ?

In this online workshop you will feel into your Soulful Vision and intentions and set the energetic tone for 2021 including:

  • Create a one-year energy reading to get a sense of the energy, flow and key themes for the year ahead
  • Discover what your numerological number is for 2021 and how to harness its energy and ensure you are energetically aligned for the year ahead
  • Feel into your Word for the Year through guided meditation
  • Explore what your word for the year really means in practice
  • Discover your supporting themes 
  • Set your key intentions for the year that are aligned with your energetic blueprint
  • Create an intuitive oil blend to anchor in your intentions and word for the year
  • NEW - Understand the cosmic astrological energies for 2021 and how they will impact you
  • NEW - Learn how to AstroPlan - or use astrology to guide your daily, weekly and monthly planning.
  • NEW - Discover what the placement of your progressed moon means about your year ahead
  • Create a workbook filled with your desires, intentions and energetic blueprint for the year ahead, and identify the perfect essential oil to anchor it in. 

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Your Soulful Year

    • Welcome

    • Instructions for Your Soulful Year Online

    • Your Soulful Year Online Workbook

    • Annual Card Reading

    • Numerological Year

    • Instructions for the Guided Meditation

    • Word of the Year Guided Meditation

    • Picking your Word of the Year

    • Mindmap your Word of the Year

    • Supporting Themes

    • Setting your Intentions

    • Anchoring with Essential Oils

    • Creating your Astrology Chart

    • Working with the Astrological Energy of 2021

    • Discovering your Progressed Moon

    • Planning with Astrology: Daily, Weekly and Monthly AstroPlanning

    • Bonus Planning Workbook

    • Bonus Planning Workbook

    • Useful Links & Resources

    • Before you go...

‘When can I get my hands on the workshop
(and start planning my best year ever)?

You're in luck - Immediately!

Your Soulful Year is a gift to yourself for the year ahead to tune into what your soul really wants for you.

Pricing options

Pay in full and save or spread the payments over two months - it's up to you!

Your Soulful Year is...

  • Not another stuffy business planning workshop

  • Soul and alignment focused

  • Designed to create incredible breakthroughs

  • A magnetic experience that will surprise & delight you

  • Your ticket to a simple yet effective "plan" for your year ahead

  • A supportive, safe and sacred experience

What's Included

  • The signature ‘Your Soulful Year” 40 page PDF workbook — to map out your desires, distil your ‘soul goals’, and facilitate the breakthroughs to come

  • 11 Insightful ‘how to’ videos for each stage of the process, so you know exactly how to tune in to your true intentions and get the most out of each exercise.

  • Guided mp3 meditation track, to help you ‘divinely download’ your Word Of The Year. (You’ll want to revisit this track for decades to come — it’s amazing for helping you tune out the noise and laser in on your truth.

  • With all your materials housed in a beautiful online portal, so you can access and revisit them whenever you wish.


Bonus 2021 Planning Workbook (38 pages)


  • 2020 Goals Worksheet
  • Quarterly Planner for each quarter
  • Quarterly Review worksheets to review your goals, progress and financials for that quarter
  • Monthly Planning and Review Toolkit to help you review the previous month and set new goals for the month to come
  • Monthly Oracle Reading Worksheet - A beautiful monthly oracle spread and worksheet to tune into the energy for that month
  • Lunar Toolkit - to help you tune into the new and full moon each month and explore which aspect of your life it is activating

Get the early-bird price before it expires

Here's what you'll get out of this experience

  • Facilitated process to get clear on your visions for 2021

    There is something really powerful about being led through a facilitated visioning process through a business and life coach meets soul and energy medicine practitioner.

  • Time & Space

    We so rarely give ourselves the time to truly dive into our visions and allow our creative centre to open.

  • Bust out of your limited perceptions of what is possible

    Let us hold you in your brilliance and help you to think bigger, bold and brighter than ever before.

  • A deeper understanding of the energetic blueprint of your year

    Many people go headlong into planning their year and setting goals without understanding the energetics of their year. I'm going to illuminate this for you to provide greater alignment than ever before!

  • An understanding of how to invoke and anchor your desired feelings for 2021

    We so often set intentions for the year ahead without understanding how to anchor them in a multi-sensory way. I'm going to show you how and more!

Can you really be Soulful

... and still get a lot done?

Absolutely! In 2020 I have...

  • Consulted on one of Australia's largest digital transformation programs
  • Launched a New Branding Business and two new AstroBranding Offerings
  • Worked with Design clients
  • Spoken at events in Australia (before Covid hit!)
  • Travelled to Fiji for a business retreat (also pre-covid!)
  • Created, launched and delivered 5 new Astrology courses
  • Designed and soon to launch a 1 year Astrology Certification
  • Done countless Astrology readings!
  • Revised this program for 2021!
  • Written weekly blogs & newsletters
  • and so much more!

Kind words

lovely way to get in touch with my intentions for the new year

Emma Hannan, Lifes Light Creative

"The Your Soulful Year was such a lovely way to get in touch with my intentions for the new year. By really connecting with where I want next year to go and connecting energetically to whats ahead for me I am now ready to start mapping out the physical plans to get me there"

take some time out for yourself to feel grounded for the year ahead

Krisha Galloni

Being in touch with the universe but not being a total ‘woo convert’ …. just yet I wasn’t sure what to expect from Your Soulful Year. I was totally blown away by the amazing things that came out of the completion especially how grounded and ready I feel to take on 2018. I now understand where I am in my energetic blueprint and what to expect in the different stages of my business and personal life and growth. If your umming and aaahing take the leap and take some time out for yourself to feel grounded for the year ahead."

a beautiful gift that I gave myself

Sophie Wood of Sophie Zen

"Your Soulful Year was a beautiful gift that I gave myself. I loved the space of a whole day dedicated to how I want to show up in the next year. As someone who loves to plan and strategise, I really enjoyed the feminine aspect of Your Soulful Year and walked away with so much more clarity and confidence."

Your Soulful Year was incredible!!

Hannah Macauley

Kathryn’s authentic sharing of her own planning for both business and life using these exact exercises is not to be missed!” "Your Soulful Year was incredible!! For the second year running Kathryn’s workshop provided a stunning mix of thoughtful, creative and grounding content to support my business and life planning. Kathryn creates a beautiful space where exploring soulful approaches is not only encouraged but the norm for your business planning."

I'm always clearer about how I want to feel in my business.

Kristy Schirmer, Founder, Zockmelon

"Kathryn's soulful planning workshops help me realise then anchor my intentions for the year. After working with Kath I'm always clearer about how I want to feel in my business. The planning that I undertake with Kathryn is carried with me as I make big and small business decisions over the year. It's become a key part of my business planning which I look forward to each year."

a beautiful container of space to bring clarity, healing, awakening and focus.

Jessica Giles

"I highly recommend attending Kathryn’s Your Soulful Year workshop, a beautiful container of space to bring clarity, healing, awakening and focus. I feel very aligned, connected and excited for the year ahead upon completion of this workshop and Kathryn is a beautiful host who genuinely cares and wants to support your success." Jessica Giles, Chic Money

It was like food for my soul

Deb Fay, MJL Publications

I spent the best part of Thursday afternoon completing Your Soulful Year online and I wanted to let you know that I loved it. It is an absolutely delightful way to get in touch with what really matters and it was like food for my soul, which is perfect because nourishment turned out to be my word for the year. And finishing off with the process where we anchor our learnings with an oil was perfect. Now I have an aromatic experience to bring me back to that place of fulfilment and joy I felt while i was going through the program. Thank you. I really enjoyed it,

Course Reviews

5 star rating

My soulful year

Toni Stevens

I loved everything about this course. It helped me go inwards and seek guidance from my own soul as well as working with astrology. Perfect for planning my y...

Read More

I loved everything about this course. It helped me go inwards and seek guidance from my own soul as well as working with astrology. Perfect for planning my year ahead with soulful vision.

Read Less


  • "Do I need to be in business?"

    No! This workshop is for anyone wanting to feel clearer about the year ahead."

  • "What happens after I buy?"

    As soon as your payment is processed (which may take a few minutes) you’ll receive a confirmation email from me, as well as a receipt for your records. Access to the online workshop will be provided on December 16th.

  • "Is there anything extra I need to do the workshop?"

    I recommend that you purchase a deck of oracle or tarot cards if you do not have a set and I will provide my recommendations within the program. The exercise to mix an oil blend to support your word for the year and intentions is optional and ways to purchase suitable oils will be provided if you don't have your own.

  • "'Do I get lifetime access?"

    This workshop is provided for 12 months for you to use as often as you like. You are able to download the two workbooks and the guided meditation and the videos are provided to you in the member's site until mid-November 2021.

  • "I’m not sure what I want to DO next year yet - will I still get something out of this?"

    Yes! This day is less about what you want to do and more about feeling into how you want to feel and be in 2021. This is your chance to immerse yourself in creative and soulful exploration in a way we rarely give ourselves the opportunity to do. It is a gift to your soul.

  • "This sounds a little woo-woo"

    I’ll meet you wherever you are in your intuitive and spiritual journey and support you to engage in a way that feels true for you.

  • Do you offer refunds?

    Nope, Your Soulful Year Online payments are not refundable. I've run this program for 4 years now and I know how awesome it is and I provide all the content upfront so refunds are not possible.


Online Self-Study Workshop Hosted in Premium Members Portal

Quality 40+ page PDF Workshop Materials

Videos that take you through each activity

Guided meditation to choose your word for 2021

Bonus Annual Planning & Review Workbook (41 pages)

Your Guide

Creator of the Embodied Soul Astrology Academy

Kathryn Hocking

Kathryn is a modern intuitive astrologer who believes that astrology is a lifelong dedication and learning process.

Kathryn's perspective is that astrology is a gateway into discovering and aligning to your deep soul purpose as well as tuning in to your life’s seasons, passages and transitions.

She passionately knows that Astrology allows us to navigate these passages with grace and ease and find meaning even during the hard times.

Kathryn teaches her clients how to fuse strategy with soul and launch themselves and their businesses in a soulful and aligned way using astrology as their guide.

She is a Sagittarius sun, Cancer moon and Virgo rising - meaning she is optimistic and friendly, sensitive and nurturing and extremely organised, focus and planned!

Join us to feel into your soulful 2021

Did you let the events of 2020 disrupt you from your path even when they didn't need to?

How many times have you thought to yourself “Next year will be MY year”, and then it’s just… not?

How many January’s have rolled around, and you’ve been so busy taking care of everyone else’s needs that your own got put on the backburner?

When will it be your turn to hold space for your hopes and dreams?

I see this workshop as sacred. It's an exploration of the contributions we want to make to the world, how we want to show up, and who we want to be, for the entire year that lays in front of us.

Far too few people bother with this important soulwork, but I can tell you, getting the spiritual and energetic side of your goals and desires sorted makes EVERYTHING so much easier, and creates a container for things to click into place.

If you’re tired of waiting for success, sabotaging yourself, procrastinating your soul’s work, and not living up to the standards you’ve set for yourself, I invite you to make 2021 DIFFERENT (I mean don't we all!).

Your Soulful Year starts here, and it starts now.

Join us to feel into your soulful 2021.

Give yourself the gift of connection and expand your sense of what’s possible by carving out some time to vision for the year ahead. You won't regret it!

Register Now


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