Dive into the magic of Astrology in 2021

Have you been feeling a call to learn astrology in 2021?

If so, I have the perfect opportunity for you - a year's worth of premium astrology training delivered live over the entire year.

By the end of the year, you will have learnt about all of the key planets, luminaries and the lunar nodes and how to apply them to your life and align your business and career as a result. 

We'll look at aspects, progressions and transits for each planetary body.

This one-year training will also lead to an option to certify for the level 1 Business Astrology Certification through the Academy and then to move onto Level 2 Business Astrology.

If you are yearning to learn astrology for your own benefit or to bring it into your own soul work then this 1 year training package is for you!

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Join me in the Level 1 Business Astrology Training in 2021

And dive into 12 months of premium Astrology training.